Safety Rewards

Give Your Safety Reward Program Universal Appeal With Visa® Prepaid Cards

When employees get hurt on the job, you end up paying for it—in more ways than one. In addition to the cost of medical treatment for the injured person, you also have to account for lost productivity and other indirect costs that can add up to 10 times the cost of the actual incident itself.

The Good News Is…
…You Can Promote a Safety Culture at Your Workplace with an Appropriate Safety Rewards Program

For example, you might give rewards for:

  • A team achieving a certain number of days accident-free
  • A company driver going a year with no accidents or tickets
  • An individual reporting a safety violation or potential safety hazard
  • Completion of safety training
  • Achievement of wellness measures that reduce accident risks

PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards Make Perfect Safety Rewards

Obviously, in order to have an effective safety reward program that successfully changes employee behavior, you have to offer a reward people actually want. PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards are:


PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards are accepted at millions of stores, restaurants, websites, and other merchants. This gives employees the freedom to spend their reward on an item or experience that is truly meaningful and motivating to them.


While waiting for a reward check to be processed can take weeks, PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards can be given out immediately when employers keep a stash on hand, or mailed directly to the recipient in a few days if a personalized card needs to be ordered.


Rewards are more meaningful when they are personalized. PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards can be customized with the company logo and a message of thanks to the recipient.


If a PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Card is lost or stolen, part of the balance may be refunded or replaced (depending on transaction type). Restrictions and limitations apply when a card is lost / stolen.

Visa® Zero Liability
This policy covers U.S.–issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa®, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details or visit

Benefits For Business Owners

Corporate Visa® cards also offer many benefits from an employer perspective, especially when you work with PrePaidUSA. We offer you:

Flexible Rewards

You can order corporate Visa® cards in denominations from $5 to $2,500 to suit the different reward levels in your program.

Bulk Ordering

PrePaidUSA can fulfill any size order, whether you just need a single personalized card or want to order thousands of incentive cards.

Reduced Costs

We guarantee the lowest price on your custom PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards, and because we offer free fulfillment services, there’s really no more cost-effective way to run your safety reward program.

Want To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about creating a safety reward program featuring PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards, or if you want a free quote, please contact PrePaidUSA at 1-800-318-8824.