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Top 10 Reasons To Use PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards

From incentive program rewards and recognition to business gifts, these cards have you covered.

Running a successful business today isn’t limited to simply meeting the bottom line.

It’s about developing relationships by incentivizing, recognizing, and motivating workforces and customers. In order to accomplish that, several U.S. businesses are now using award or reward cards for incentive or recognition purposes.

Prepaid award cards are more powerful today than ever, and one card, in particular, is poised to help businesses succeed in their efforts to motivate and recognize their employees and customers when it comes to employee rewards, corporate incentives, customer rewards, and safety awards.

The PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Card is just that card. This card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This reward card gives recipients the freedom to purchase a gift that truly motivates and inspires them. Here are just a few more reasons why this card stands out above the rest when it comes to motivating recipients and, ultimately, helping businesses succeed.


It’s Customizable

What truly sets these reward cards apart is their level of personalization. Although some businesses can opt to give a pre-designed card, they also have the option to design their own PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Card. By designing their own cards by adding company logos and/or personal messages, companies can create an award card that not only relates the meaning behind the card— whether it’s to simply say thanks or to recognize someone — but a card that also relays the company’s values and branding, and ultimately, improves its return on investment.


It’s Marketable

The ability to brand your company’s PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Card is a powerful reminder that’s also highly marketable. PrePaidUSA will work with your organization to customize a prepaid card solution that not only fits your company’s needs but also meets its goals and objectives whether it’s brand awareness,  awarding loyal customers, motivating employees or sales people, thanking partners, or simply recognizing good work.


It’s Cost-Effective

Whether you need to gift five or 50,000 award cards, PrePaidUSA Visa Awards can handle the volume — and the cost. PrePaidUSA works individually with each and every organization to make sure that its order is just right. Cards are available in any denomination ranging from $5 to $2,500, and the turnaround and delivery of every order is handled with utmost priority.


It’s Preferred

The PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Card is a winner. Prepaid cards like this one are a popular gift of choice among both consumers and businesses looking to motivate employees, customers, and partners. You simply can’t go wrong by using these cards.



There are more than a million different locations and outlets throughout the U.S.—not to mention online— that accept PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Cards. As the saying goes, these cards are everywhere you—and your award recipients—want to be.


It’s More Meaningful Than Cash

Among award recipients, prepaid reward cards are more popular than even cash. In the 2021 Incentive Research Foundation/Incentive Gift Card Council survey, 44 percent of card recipients surveyed said that prepaid cards are their favorite type of gift of reward. When given the chance to receive a prepaid card or a cash equivalent, seven times as many respondents preferred the prepaid card. The majority of incentive planners also believes that reward cards like the PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Card can be more meaningful, personal, and impactful than cash, according to that same study.


It’s Flexible

Incentive planners have told us that they believe award cards are more flexible than other types of incentives.


Stay Secure

You may register your card by visiting www.prepaid-usa.com and providing us your name, address and card number. Registering your card will allow you to view your card balance/history, make internet/mail/phone order purchases, and request a replacement card if your card is lost/stolen.


It’s Incredibly Easy

From the second you reach out to PrePaidUSA, to the moment you receive your card shipment, the entire process is both seamless and painless.


It Works

Simply put, using award cards like the PrePaidUSA Visa Incentive Cards in your incentive, rewards, and safety awards programs yields an incredible return on investment. Customers have told us that cards like these are among the most effective of all rewards in driving loyalty and engagement. But don’t take their word—or our word—for it. Contact us at 1-800-318-8824 or via email at sales@prepaid-usa.com to see just how easy it is to improve your business by motivating, inspiring loyalty, and sparking engagement.