Mastercard Rewards Card for Employee Incentives: The Best Way for Managers to Award Employees

Whether you work in sales, hospitality, or retail, thousands of businesses look for ways to motivate and reward employees. Afterall, numerous studies reveal that incentives motivate workers to be more productive and produce better quality work. According to an article published in the ‘Journal Of Organizational Behavior Management’ by Carol J. Frisch titled, ‘Work Productivity as a Function of the Percentage of Monetary Incentives to Base Pay’. Participants were asked to assemble parts as required by their job description, and those given awards incentives in the form of bonus pay were significantly more productive than those who only received their standard hourly wages in conjunction with standard recognition.

The study conducted by Frisch is just one of many that goes to support the fact that rewarding employees with cash bonuses is not only a sound investment in the business for helping to ensure productivity, but such practices also help business leaders, managers, directors and CEOs achieve the following internal goals:

  • Boost company / department morale
  • Improve employee retention
  • Motivate effort
  • Reinforce values
  • Create healthy internal
  • Reinforces a culture of high achievers
  • Fosters a sense of pride

How to Motivate Employees: The Best Method for Business Leaders to Invest In

When you order Mastercard rewards card bulk orders from PrePaid USA, you are investing in the preferred choice shared by employees and customers alike for being rewarded and recognized for hard work, repeat business, or for new partnerships. According to a study by Blackhawk Network, when businesses present a prepaid Mastercard rewards card to an employee as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, it is perceived as having exceedingly more value than a “big box store gift card”, as the Mastercard rewards card gives the employee more freedom, allowing them to spend the money anywhere Masrtercard is accepted, and given the fact that 99% of all merchants who accept credit cards accept Mastercard, your employees will have the bliss and freedom to use their Mastercard rewards card to book a hotel, pay some bills, buy themselves that news must-have gadget off Amazon, get gas for the next several months, or use for a night out on the town.

Delight Co-Workers With A Mastercard Rewards Card For Employee Incentive

PrePaid USA is an online service that supplies Mastercard rewards cards to businesses that seek to motivate and reward employees for achieving milestones within their organizations. PrePaid USA makes it easy to buy bulk Mastercard rewards card orders so that you never experience a shortage when a valued team member hits a sales goal, or goes above and beyond within your organization. The ability to honor and reward your colleague on the spot is critical and speaks volume to your entire organization, so PrePaid USA is honored to partner with businesses just like yours to ensure you always have the right prepaid Mastercard reward cards to celebrate the valuable people that continue to grow your brand and drive your business.

A Mastercard rewards card makes the perfect gift for your employees who deserve a special incentive, and who deserve special recognition. While gift cards to the local movie theater, Amazon gift cards, or restaurant gift cards are always appreciated, your employees will always prefer a Mastercard rewards card, as this gift will enable them to spend their bonus as they see fit, allowing them the full freedom to exercise the power of their purchasing decision.

How Mastercard Awards Cards for Employee Incentives Empowers Your Organization

Also known as Mastercard rewards cards, Mastercard awards cards are prepaid (or pre-loaded) Mastercards assigned to your company that can be registered to individual users (your employees) enabling them to register the card, monitor its activity and usage, and spend its funds anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Prepaid USA offers a wide range of Mastercard awards cards for B2B ventures, partnering with brands and organizations across the country who care about recognizing employees for their hard work and for going the extra mile, and for recognizing customers and clients for their loyalty. Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike partner with PrePaid USA because our Mastercard awards cards give our clients the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – Regardless of the rewards program you run for your employees, we offer PrePaid USA Mastercard awards cards to fit it. You can choose denominations from $5 to $2,500.
  • Unfiltered Convenience – PrePaid USA Mastercard awards cards are accepted by millions of merchants anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.
  • Total Security – If your employee’s PrePaid USA Mastercard awards card is lost or stolen, the remaining balance can be replaced or refunded.
  • Cost-Effective – PrePaid USA includes shipping and handling for fulfillment of your Mastercard awards cards to recipients to ensure maximum cost savings.
  • Customizable – PrePaid USA allows brands and organizations to include their logos, the employee’s name, or custom graphics and messaging to our Mastercard awards cards to give them that special touch of personalization that really goes a long way with tugging at your employee’s heart strings.

When you partner with PrePaid USA to bulk order Mastercard awards cards for employee incentives, you are making an investment in your own growth by boosting morale, improving employee retention, enhancing productivity, motivating efforts, driving company values, creating a thriving company culture and motivating high achievers–all things critical to driving your operations and fueling your own success.

Custom Incentive Award Card Mastercard Bulk Order Deals by PrePaid USA

We have already established that rewarding employees with prepaid Mastercard awards cards is a highly effective way to invest in your workforce while getting a return on your investment, but customization just takes your investment up a notch. According to a paper published by Marty Parker for Waterstone Human Capital titled, ‘Customizing Your Approach to Leadership Matters More Than Ever’, the ability to successfully customize one’s leadership approach is critical to a company’s ability to hit their growth goals, but it is also extremely challenging. Parker goes on to explain that in order to meet the needs of individual team members, managers must build trust and create authentic relationships–something that takes a great degree of effort and time in an era when one working style or singular culture no longer fits all employees. The article argues that personalization tokens used in leadership approaches help to make businesses successful by enabling them to drive the right internal message to team members, and to help unite all departments to work together towards achieving the same goal, while embracing a high achievement work culture.

One ideal way to add personalization tokens to your management strategy is to order custom incentive award Mastercard cards for your employees that showcases them both on a personal level, and as a critical part of your growing organization. Some of our clients do this by ordering custom prepaid Mastercard incentive cards that feature the following customizable elements:

  • Employee Photo – Honoring your employee by showcasing their portrait on the Mastercard is a fun way to personalize the card, and it also decreases the chance of the card being stolen.
  • Nickname – It is not uncommon for some departments to give their employees nicknames, especially in sales. Consider adding the employee’s nickname to add that personal touch, while also honoring their place within your company.
  • Personality – Is the employee known for having a particular hobby? Perhaps they have a favorite sports team. If Brian in marketing is a scuba diver, flies light aircraft as a hobby, and his nickname at work is “Iceman”, you can customize an incentive award card Mastercard that’s prepaid and loaded with funds for him to enjoy at his convenience, decorated with a scuba tank design, an airplane design and that features his nickname. The card will truly showcase someone who is not only an adrenaline junkie, but a loyal team member who works hard for his employer, and who is rewarded for his hard work by a means that took the time to recognize the things that make each employee unique and special.

If you are looking additional ideas on how you can personalize a custom Mastercard award incentive card for your employees, give your experts at PrePaid USA a call, and we will help you put together a bulk order of multiple custom cards to ensure you get maximum savings, and to help you deliver powerful sentiments of gratitude and appreciation to your employees.

Mastercard Rewards Card for Employee Incentives

Now is the time to really step it up when it comes to rewarding your employees with incentives that are actually meaningful and memorable. Call PrePaid USA to hear about the deals we offer on bulk orders of Mastercard rewards cards for our B2B clients who seek innovative and creative ways to honor and reward their employees with methods that are meaningful. Your employees will appreciate the convenience Mastercard offers, and the freedom and flexibility to use the funds any way they see fit, and any custom touches added to these cards will definitely be appreciated across your organization. Our team of experts are standing by to help you with your order, from ensuring you get the best savings possible, to helping you brainstorm ways to come up with the best custom Matercard rewards cards showcasing personalized touches that will truly make your colleagues stand out from the workforce.