Corporate Incentives

Supercharge Your Corporate Incentive Programs With Rewards People Really Want

Now let’s be honest…how many times have you seen an employee recognition plaque gathering dust on someone’s desk, or noticed hats, t-shirts, water bottles, and other corporate-logo-stamped swag cluttering the shelves of your local thrift store? Probably quite a lot, right?

If you’re giving out these kinds of items as incentives and rewards, you have to face the fact that a good portion of your employees or customers don’t really want them. This means your campaigns are not as effective as they could be.

Fortunately, you can easily supercharge your corporate incentive programs with the reward that everyone wants: PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards.

Why Everyone Wants a PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Card

Research suggests that people prefer corporate gift cards over cash or merchandise rewards. Why? Because PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards are:


Recipients can use PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards to purchase anything they want, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted


PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Card rewards can be fulfilled quickly in denominations from $5 to $2,500 and used immediately.


If a PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Card is lost or stolen, part of the balance may be refunded or replaced (depending on transaction type). Restrictions and limitations apply when a card is lost / stolen.

Customize Your Corporate Incentive Program

Employee Recognition

Whether you want to give out awards for reaching work anniversaries, hitting sales or performance goals, completing training courses, or getting positive customer reviews, PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards can play an important role in boosting employee performance and retention.

Consumer Promotions

When used as a reward for referrals, sweepstakes entries, new product purchases, product reviews, survey responses, service contract sign-ups, or other consumer actions, PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards can help drive engagement and interest among old and new customers alike. By customizing the cards with your logo, you can make the reward do double duty as a brand ambassador too.

Customer Loyalty Programs

It pays to be good to your best customers—We believe that a reduction in lost customers can increase profits. Custom PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards with your logo are a perfect way to say thank you and reinforce loyal customers’ connection with your brand at the same time.

Why Partner With PrePaidUSA?

For a free quote on your order, or to learn more about running a corporate incentive program with PrePaidUSA, call 1-800-318-8824 today.

PrePaidUSA offers the flexible solutions you need to keep your corporate incentive programs running smoothly. Whether you want to get a huge batch of bulk PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards or order customized cards with a personalized message for each recipient, we are here to help.

We do our best to provide the lowest prices on your PrePaidUSA Visa® Incentive Cards, plus we offer fulfillment processing services so you never have to worry about packaging and mailing reward cards again.