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PrePaid-USA is your full-service partner for effective incentive and reward card programs

If you’re looking for prepaid Visa cards and American Express gift cards, you could pick a few up at your local big-box store or even order a whole batch from a fancy marketing company. But neither one of these options is going to give you the convenience and quality you get when ordering from PrePaid-USA. Whether you need a single card or have a large order, at PrePaid-USA, we will do our best to ensure we earn and keep your business.

Now You May Wonder…

…What Makes PrePaid-USA Different?

It’s all in who we are as a company and what we do for our clients.

Who We Are

  • An experienced full service promotional plastic card company that has developed and managed over 10,000 campaigns for major brands since 2003
  • Distributor of more than 20,000,000 promotional plastic card products over the last ten years
  • A pioneer in using interactive technology to drive immediate and measurable results
  • Customer service maniacs – our attitude is “whatever it takes”
  • Winners of the prestigious “AAA” Rating by the BBB

What We Do

At PrePaid-USA, we do more than just sell prepaid cards. We offer a full range of services to make sure the cards we sell are truly useful to your reward and incentive programs. We can:

  • Provide the right mix of comprehensive services including: strategy, creative design, cutting-edge technology, security, and promotion administration
  • Drive immediate and measurable results to a wide range of marketing objectives
  • Motivate specific behavior such as purchases, website visits, registrations, referrals, retail visits, coupon redemption and trade show traffic generators
  • Use flexible programs adapted to meet clients’ specific demographic, geographic, and budgetary requirements
  • Work with every client to develop the most strategic, results-oriented program possible–whether the program involves 20 or 20 million rewards our goal is to ensure ROI for our clients

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