Incentive Cards Inventory Best Practices

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The following outlines recommended best practices for the receipt, activation, handling, inventory and storage of your prepaid card order.

Process: Please take the time to read this document as it recommends best practices for the receipt, handling, storage and inventory of your card order. It is recommended that the following procedures be implemented for the safeguard and control of your prepaid incentive card order.

Card Shipment: Once your cards are scheduled to ship, you will be receiving a notification outlining the estimated ship date, method of shipment, intended recipient and tracking information. Please review this communication carefully and report any discrepancies immediately to your sales associate. It is recommended that any discrepancies be reported no later than 24 hours after receipt of this notification.

Receipt of Your Order: Upon receipt of your order, please verify that the card quantity received matches the electronic invoice previously sent. Please report any discrepancies immediately to your sales associate so we may take corrective action.

Activation of Cards: For security reasons, card(s) should be activated by the individual recipient/awardee. Bulk activation could result in temporary blockage of the card and may violate the terms of our Agreement.

Card Inventory: It is highly recommended that your PrePaid-USA Visa Incentive Cards be distributed shortly after receipt. If you are planning to inventory your card order it is recommended that cards be stored in a secured area until cards will be distributed. Cards should be issued on a prepaid basis primarily for personal, family, or household purposes to a consumer in connection with a loyalty, award, or promotional program. Please note your cards have a one-year shelf life. If, after 6 months from receipt of your cards, your cards have not been distributed, it is recommended that you do not make any further card distributions and contact us so we may provide options on any remaining card inventory.

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