Use Visa prepaid cards in countless different ways — to thank customers and prospects, to motivate employees, to draw interest to a campaign, and much more. You’re limited only by your imagination. Here are some idea starters to help you get the creative juices flowing!

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  • Stimulate test drives by offering a Visa Prepaid Card as a premium.
  • Increase service business by offering a Visa Prepaid Card with customer’s next visit.
  • Insert a PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Card offer with your next mailer.
  • Start a weekend sales contest by offering Visa Prepaid Cards to Incentivize sales staff for every sale meeting certain criteria. 


  • Offer PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Cards to new Internet subscribers.
  • Spike sales of games in your store by offering a Visa Card with every purchase.
  • Add a complimentary Visa Card with the purchase of a product, such as software products or mobile phones.
  • Encourage computer maintenance programs by throwing in a Visa Card for every subscription.
  • Push software upgrades by offering Visa Cards with each upgrade within a certain time period.


  • Set up a deal with a retailer to redeem (in-store only) event ticket stubs for a Visa Card or American Express card that may appeal to a particular audience.
  • Give away Visa cards with the first 1000 fans through the doors at a concert or sporting event.
  • Print your sports team’s logo on a Custom Visa Card when the card is presented at half time.
  • To promote a concert, order Custom Visa Cards imprinted with the band’s logo.


  • Offer a PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Card to every customer who comes in to sign up for a Checking Account – works especially well with students and young people!
  • If you’re in financial planning and want to increase consultations, offer to drop by for a Visa Prepaid Card to your prime prospects.
  • Give Visa Cards as an incentive/reward for referrals.


  • Announce a new doctor or facility with a branded Visa Card.
  • Reward your best employees with a Visa Prepaid Card on special holidays.
  • Remind patients to call for appointment by mailing out Visa Cards.
  • Dentists can build teen business by offering a Visa Card!


  • Boost room occupancy by offering Visa Prepaid Cards with every revisit.
  • Offer business travelers PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Cards to call families on your dime.
  • Run ads offering PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Cards for every tourism packet ordered.
  • Brand your resort or hotel with Visa Prepaid Cards – popular with every age group!


  • Call your prospect list with an offer of a Visa Card or just for the opportunity to meet them.
  • Build retention by offering a Visa card with each renewal
  • Increase your branding by printing custom branded Visa cards.
  • Offer a premium that is still unique in the industry–hardly anyone gives away Custom Visa Cards but almost everyone appreciates them!


  • Build subscriptions by offering PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Cards with every sign up. Increase listener rewards by giving your custom branded Visa Card to each new club member.
  • Load your Visa Cards with $10-$1000 and hand out your custom branded Visa Cards at concerts to promote your station or show.
  • Co-brand Visa with advertisers to promote their campaigns.


  • Use theme-based Visa Cards to build traffic for upcoming sales or holidays.
  • If selling a product, encourage registrations by offering a Visa Card with each product registration form you receive.
  • Promote new stores by offering a PrePaid-USA Visa® Incentive Card to each person who attends the Grand Opening.
  • Offer Visa Prepaid Cards to customers who visit your store X times in a given period, or whose purchases reach $X.


  • Visitors to trade shows return home with bags of stuff they throw away – but they won’t throw away your custom branded Visa Prepaid Cards! Hand them out at your booth.
  • Introduce new products by placing their photos on your custom branded Visa Card.
  • Increase attendance of show visitors to your after hours party by handing out Visa cards to all who attend

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